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Fee applicable to applicants admitted on the basis of LPUNEST (Ph.D.) will be as per details given below:
Discipline Name Fee (Per Semester) Discipline Name Fee (Per Semester)
Engineering ₹60000 Architecture ₹60000
Agriculture ₹60000 Planning ₹60000
Computer Applications and IT ₹60000 Management ₹50000
Sciences ₹60000 Commerce and Economics ₹50000
Pharmaceutical Sciences ₹60000 Law ₹50000
Medical Laboratory Sciences ₹60000 Hotel Management and Tourism ₹50000
Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences ₹60000 Fine Arts ₹50000
Arts (Humanities) ₹50000 Performing Arts ₹50000
For Programme-wise details regarding Fee and Scholarship, click here


Lovely Professional University strongly believes in the fact that monetary constraints should not be an obstacle for a student to have access to quality education. So the University offers India’s largest Private Fee and Scholarship. The objective of the scheme is to realize the vast talents that may be hidden due to financial constraints. Under this scheme, students have been awarded with scholarship worth ₹ 100+ crores in last year only.

On the basis of Performance in LPUNEST (Ph.D.)

The categories of scholarship are based upon performance in LPUNEST (Ph.D.) with maximum scholarship of ₹ 60000/- per annum to the toppers. The cut-off for each category will be announced along with the result of respective schedule. The scholarship details are as per the following table:
Performance in LPUNEST (Ph.D.) Scholarship Percentage Applicable
LPUNEST score more than or equal to Category I cut-off
(for 50% Scholarship)
50% of Programme Fee
LPUNEST score more than or equal to Category II cut-off
(for 40% Scholarship)
40% of Programme Fee
LPUNEST score more than or equal to Category III cut-off
(for 30% Scholarship)
30% of Programme Fee
Note: Applicant seeking test (LPUNEST (Ph.D.)) exemption on basis of, UGC (NET/ JRF)/ CSIR (NET/ JRF)/ ICAR (JRF/ SRF) examination/ SLET (Punjab only)/ GATE/ GPAT/ ICAR (NET), Teacher Fellowship holder or passed M.Phil. Programme (in Regular mode only) may appear for test LPUNEST (Ph.D.) in order to avail the scholarship as mentioned above.
The result of scholarship for Ph.D. applicants will be declared along with the Ph.D. Interview results.

On the basis of Performance in SPM/ JRF/ NET (LS)

Scholarship details on the basis of SPM/ JRF/ NET (LS) for Ph.D. programmes are as per the following table:
Applicable for Scholarship Percentage Applicable
SPM qualified 50% of Programme Fee
JRF qualified 40% of Programme Fee
NET (LS) qualified 30% of Programme Fee

On the basis of Performance in GATE/ GPAT

Scholarship details on the basis of GATE/ GPAT for Ph.D. programmes are as per the following table:
GATE Percentile GPAT Rankings Scholarship Percentage Applicable
GATE percentile more than 98 GPAT Rank 1 - 1000 50% of Programme Fee
GATE percentile of 95-98 GPAT Rank 1001 – 2000 40% of Programme Fee
GATE percentile of 90 - 94.99 GPAT Rank 2001 – 5000 30% of Programme Fee
1. Subject to Qualifying GPAT.
2. GATE score should be valid at the time of admission.

Fee Details and Allied Issues:

  • Examination fee (per semester) is Rs. 2500 and examination fee of 1st semester is payable along with the fee of 2nd semester or before.
  • Examination fee includes fee for the evaluation of Seminars/ Presentation/ Annual Reports to be submitted/ prepared by the candidates after every term (semester).
  • Fee for successive semesters will be payable before the end of teaching of preceding semester.
  • Applicants may have to pay the additional charges as decided by the university on account of :
    • Thesis evaluation fee of Rs. 15000 is payable during the final thesis submission.
    • Expenditure in excess of amount, approved by DDB or provided by sponsoring agency for carrying out Instrumentation, Lab/ Experimentation/ Workshops/ Seminars/ Training/ Surveys/ Internships/ Projects etc.
  • The term ‘Programme fee’ as mentioned above, includes - Tuition and Development fees; University Fee for Registration/ Enrolment, Cultural, Sports, Club activities, Co-curricular activities etc.; Fee for Additional Services/ Facilities for Contingency, Outreach, Placement, Medical, Counselor etc. as prescribed by the University.
  • The examination fee and programme fee as mentioned above shall be paid for all terms (semesters) till the completion of the programme.
  • For Fee other than programme fee, please refer the head ‘Fee for Additional Services/ Facilities’ of ‘General Guidelines for Admissions’ in Part C of the Prospectus-2019.
  • ‘Terms and Conditions for LPU - Scholarship and its different phases’ as mentioned in Part B of Prospectus-2019 must be referred.
  • Semester Fee is to be paid by the Ph.D. scholars as per schedule/ announcements otherwise scholar may get de-registered from the programme.
  • If the Fee of the programme is reduced due to any reason,scholarship amount for all the brackets/ categories will be reduced proportionately i.e. fee after scholarship etc. will not be reduced and will remain same.
  • For students enrolled under Post Matric Scholarship (PMS) and/ or other such Fee and Scholarship the University may take full fee directly from the student, and/ or security amount as deemed fit by the university.
  • For aggregate marks in qualifying exam, refer clause ‘Eligibility’ under General Guidelines for Admissions etc. in Part C of Prospectus-2019.
  • Scholarship is applicable for minimum duration of the Programme i.e. 3 years.
  • LPU Teaching Fellowship is applicable for 3 years (From the date of selection for Teaching Fellowship) (subject to successful completion of half-yearly review process).