Sufficient time will be given to research scholar to select his/her supervisor out of the available list in his/her UMS interface. A committee will allocate a supervisor for the research scholars according to their preferences and research interest a list of allotted supervisors will be displayed before the end of the term.

Step I: Supervisor Profiling: The list of the doctorate faculty who have vacant seats (mentioning name, domain and specialization) will be made visible online on the UMS account of the Ph.D. scholars discipline-wise. The scholar can see the detailed profile of each faculty by clicking on “View Profile” button.

Step II: Booking of Slot with Preferred Supervisor: The scholar can book a slot with any of his/her preferred doctorate faculty(ies) matching by clicking on the “Book a Slot” button.

Step III: Sending Message to the Preferred Doctorate Faculties: As soon as the scholar ticks the preference, UMS message will be received by the concerned faculties that he or she has been preferred by Ph.D. scholar as supervisor.

Step IV: Preparation of List of Allotted Supervisors by CRDP and Submission of the Consent Form by the Scholar: Depending upon the availability of seats and allotment criteria of supervisor, a list of all the scholars with their allotted supervisor will be prepared and made visible to the scholar. The scholar will submit a consent form (Hard Copies) at block 38-202. After getting consent from the doctorate faculty, the final list will be forwarded to the Head of Faculty for their recommendations.

Step V: Allotment of Supervisors: After the approval from competent authorities, CRDP will announce the list of allotted supervisors to all the Ph.D. scholars before the end of their coursework.