Sufficient time will be given to Research Scholar to select his/her supervisor out of the available list and the process for the same is mentioned below:
During the course work, Research Scholars can meet and interact with the available Ph.D. faculty of the concerned discipline so as to know the research areas and expertise available in the discipline/school at Lovely Professional University. During the course work, interactions with industry experts and experts from NGOs may also be arranged to find out research problems persisting in industries and society. By the end of course work, each Research Scholar will submit the names of three preferred supervisors subjected to availability in the University, to the Centre for Research Degree Programmes (CRDP) in writing, during the last week of April (Spring term)/ November (Autumn term). A committee will allocate a supervisor for the Research Scholars according to their preferences and research interest a list of allotted supervisors will be displayed before the end of the term.