To ensure the quality in the Ph.D. programme, university expects that every Research Scholar (Full Time/Part Time) should be regular and must visit University as per prescribed guidelines.

For Full Time Research scholars

  • Every full time Research scholar is required to mark his/her attendance on all working days on regular basis i.e. (6 hours stay in a day and on any 5 days in a week from Monday to Saturday).
  • To appear in SAS/ ETP/ pre-submission, a full time Research Scholar must have to fulfill minimum 75% aggregate attendance in a semester i.e. minimum 90 days out of 120 days in a semester.
  • During the entire Ph.D. duration, a Research scholar would not be permitted to avail DL more than 10 Months with a condition of maximum 1.5 months in a semester and 3 Months in a year to attend workshops / conferences / seminars or to carry out research work outside Lovely Professional University.

For Part Time Research scholars

  • Every part time Research scholar is required to mark his/her attendance in the university for at least 2 days in a month (minimum 12 hours/month) by physically visiting the university and meeting the supervisor.
  • In case, Research scholar is not able to visit University physically in any of the month then he/she has to meet the attendance requirement of 15 days in one go or in more spells in a semester and 30 days in a year.
  • The scholar is expected to fulfill attendance requirement in terms of days and contact hours as per the details given below:

    No. of days (minimum) No. of contact hours (minimum)
    In one month 2 days 6hrs x 2 days = 12 hrs
    In a semester 15 days 6hrs x 15 days = 90 hrs
    In an academic year 30 days 6hrs x 30 days = 180 hrs
    The above mentioned is the minimum criterion of attendance for a part time scholar. It is desired that research scholars must interact frequently with the Supervisor apart from the above interactions through electronic means (Mails, Video Conferencing, telephonically etc.) also so that the desired outcome of the research could be achieved.
  • To appear in SAS/ ETP/ pre-submission, a part time Research Scholar must have to fulfill the above mentioned attendance requirement.
  • The above mentioned attendance policy is applicable only to those research scholars who have successfully completed their coursework.
  • A male/female research scholar (Full time / Part time) shall be eligible for paternity leave of 15 days or maternity/child care leaves of 240 days as per government of India rules during their entire Ph.D. duration.
  • It is mandatory to mark biometric attendance by research scholar for his/her arrival (in morning) and departure (in evening). He/she must also interact with his/her Ph.D. supervisor during their visit in campus.
  • In case, a Research scholar (both full time & part time) fails to maintain required minimum attendance criteria to appear for any of the due activity, Research scholar may submit a request with valid documentary proofs to Centre for Research Degree Programmes. A duly constituted committee will hear the case and decision of the committee shall stand final in this regard.
  • It should be noted that, in an academic year, semester will be counted as (from 1st January to 30th June (Spring Term) and 1st July to 31st December (Autumn Term))