Financial Assistance @lpu


1. Teaching Fellowship


The fellowship is available to Ph.D. scholars with good communication skills as well as teaching skills. Preference will be given to NET/GATE/GPAT qualified candidates, scholars from premier institutes and to those having previous teaching and research experience.

Details of Fellowship

The teaching fellowship awardee will be paid an honorarium of Rs. 15,600/ per month (consolidated). The Research scholar is required to take teaching load of minimum six credits with the possibility of: 6 Lectures or (3 Lectures + 6 Practicals) or (3 Lectures + 6 Tutorials) or (6 Practicals + 6 Tutorials) or (12 Practicals / 12 Tutorials) Subject to maximum 9 hours/week.

Fellowship Selection Process

After completion of course work, research scholar will submit application in prescribed format to Center for Research Degree Programmes with copy of his/her resume. The list of the candidates will be submitted to the HR for further processing.

Terms & Conditions
    Following terms and conditions are applicable for the scholars availing the fellowship:
  • The scholar will perform all the duties & responsibilities related to his/her class such as maintenance of attendance, evaluation of CA components or assignments, etc.
  • He /she will attend the course coordinator meetings only.
  • Classroom teaching evaluation by concerned HOD will be applicable for them.
  • During the non-teaching period, such scholars may be given summer classes/invigilation or admission duty equivalent to minimum 6 credits or being decided by the university.
  • No administrative responsibilities would be given to the scholars during the tenure of fellowship.
  • One leave per month will be provided to them.
  • Morning biometric attendance is mandatory (morning & evening) on the day of classes.
  • The scholar is free to discontinue his/her fellowship subject to the completion of all the responsibilities given for teaching.

2. LPU Research Fellowship

In order to facilitate and motivate the meritorious Ph.D. research scholars, Lovely Professional University awards 22 Research Fellowships to selected scholars under which the selected scholar is entitled to Rs 31,000/- per month for tenure of two years, subject to fulfilment of necessary conditions.

  • Fellowship amount: Rs. 31000/- per month
  • Number of fellowships available: 22
  • Duration of Fellowship: Fellowship will be applicable for maximum of 2 years.
Eligibility criteria for LPU Research fellowship:
  • Criteria-1: Candidates who have cleared CSIR-UGC NET-JRF/GATE (Rank 1-1000) /GPAT (Rank 1-500).
  • Criteria-2: Two Scopus indexed research or review papers (accepted/ published) with minimum impact factor of 1 each.
  • Criteria-3: Three patents filed/ published out of which, at least one patent application should be granted.
Terms and Conditions
  • Minimum research outcome: Each year the research scholar under this fellowship shall be required to publish at least three Scopus indexed research/ review papers in Q1 journals with minimum impact factor of 2 each.
  • The fellowship is applicable only for the second and third year from the date of admission.
  • Fellowship discontinuation: Non fulfilment of the minimum research outcome may lead to cancellation of this fellowship.
  • Click Here to Know Terms and Conditions for scholarship on the basis of research.
  • If the scholars as per eligibility criteria-(a) are not able to fulfil the terms then it may lead to cancellation of this fellowship and they will be eligible for normal JRF scholarship given at the time of admission for the fixed time as per the university guidelines.

Research Publication Incentives

The University is committed to innovative research and encourages its research scholars to target high impact journals by providing cash incentives to them for every publication/research article/conference paper indexed in Scopus. A quick insight into research incentives distributed over the last three academic years is mentioned here under:

Academic Session Scholar Incentive
Year 2020-21 ₹ 15,84,631
Year 2021-22 ₹ 21,84,270
Year 2022-23 ₹ 27,15,364

Special Benefits for LPU Employees

Additional benefits for LPU Faculty and Staff for Ph.D. Programmes (taking admission in August 2024 Session):

  • 50% Ph.D. fee waiver (Research scholars may avail Fee Waiver or Scholarship)
  • Duty Leave for Course Work:
    • Three hours weekly relaxation to attend course work classes on Saturday from 2.00-5.00 PM without taking any leave.
  • Extended PPW (Pay Proportionate Work) Policy where faculty needs to stay only for specified duration in the campus. The policy is detailed below:
    • Faculty can avail the PPW benefit (as per this policy) for six months at the most twice during his/her Ph.D. (one at the time of Synopsis submission and secondly at the time of Pre-submission) without losing seniority.
    • The leave can be availed with any of the following arrangements:
      • Option 1: Weekly Load- 6 Hours and Salary- 25% subject to a maximum of Rs. 20,000/-
      • Option 2: Weekly Load- 12 Hours and Salary- 50% subject to a maximum of Rs. 40,000/-
    • The weekly load as mentioned in above table, shall be allocated with the following conditions:
      • Load for Option-1 shall be distributed at least in two days.
      • Load for Option-2 shall be distributed at least in three days.
    • Fee waiver will be applicable as per University Policy.

* For details contact Division of Admissions

LPU Research Contingency Grant for Ph.D. Scholar

University contingency of maximum Rs 30,000/- for duration of first 4 years may be given to the Ph.D. research scholars for the purchase of any required material that includes consumables, glasswares, and for analysis purposes by taking into consideration for the following points.

  • Rs. 30,000/- contingency amount can be availed by the Ph.D. scholars with a maximum of Rs 10,000/- per year during the first 4 years of their Ph.D. programme.
  • The contingency amount of Rs 10,000/- per year can be utilized in the same year. The remaining amount will not be carry forward to the next year.
  • The contingency amount can be utilized for the purchase/analysis purpose as per the list mentioned below.
    • Consumables: This will include chemicals, media, culture, microorganism strains, or any such consumable items.
    • Glassware: Glassware is specifically required to carry out the research work.
    • Analysis: This includes the analysis/testing of samples prepared during the research work. This may include analysis like NMR, XRD, Material testing, EDX, SEM, TEM etc.

Travel Grant

1. Eligibility:

All Ph.D. students of LPU can apply for travel grant under this policy only for presenting research papers in Scopus/Web of Science (excluding ESCI) indexed conferences (National / International) with in India or abroad. Scholar shall be eligible to apply travel grant only after completion of SAS (State of the Art Seminar) and before the pre-submission seminar activity.

The minimum eligibility conditions are given below:
Conference category The Ph.D. student must
International conferences held abroad a) have completed his/her course work with CGPA ≥ 9
b) have cleared SAS within the first year of Ph.D. duration.
b) have 75% attendance (minimum) in an ongoing semester.
c) have already published at least one research paper and one review paper in unpaid journals only indexed by Scopus/Web of Science (excluding ESCI) with Impact Factor (IF) > = 1 or SJR > = 0.34
d) have presented one paper in national/ international conference. (Scopus/Web of Science (excluding ESCI)) in India.
International or National conferences held in India a) have completed his/her course work with CGPA ≥ 8
b) have cleared SAS within the first year of Ph.D. duration.
c) have 75% attendance (minimum) in an ongoing semester.
d) have already published either one research paper or a review paper published in unpaid journals only indexed by Scopus/Web of Science (excluding ESCI) Scopus with Impact Factor (IF) > = 1 or SJR > = 0.34

2. No. of Grants and Amount of Travel Grants:

  • a) University will provide in total 20 National Travel Grants and 5 International Travel Grants across all the schools (list of schools given in Annexure-II) of the University per year with a cap of maximum 5 National Travel Grants and maximum 2 International travel grants from the same school in a year.
  • b) The student can apply for travel grant by the specified date (monthly/ bimonthly):
    Conference category Frequency Date of application
    International conferences held abroad Bi-monthly At least 60 days before the date of conference
    International or National conferences held in India Monthly At least 30 days before the date of conference

3. Details of Travel Grants and coverage:

Category Travel grant Cover
International conferences held abroad Upto INR 35,000 max. (a) Travelling allowance (air travel & local travel fare).
(b) Lodging charges for conference days
(c) Registration fee: Rs 15000/- (max.) or actual whichever is less.
The sum of (a) + (b) + (c) would not exceed INR 35,000/- (max.)
International or National conferences/s held in India Upto INR 15,000 max. (a) Travelling allowance for 2 AC rail/bus fare.
(b) Lodging charges for conference days
(c) Registration fee: maximum amount of Rs 8000/- for International conference or Rs. 6000/- for National conference or actual whichever is less.
The sum of (a) + (b) + (c) would not exceed INR 15,000/- (max.)
  • The lowest airfare (economy class)/Train-fare (3AC) shall be considered under this policy.
  • The boarding pass, air travel tickets and other receipts in support of T.A. (including local travel expenses), lodging charges and registration fee shall be submitted for settlement of accounts within a period of 10 days from the date of return.