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Duration and Attendance


Ph.D. programme will be of minimum 3 years duration and of maximum 6 years from date of Admissions. The women candidates and persons with disability (more than 40% disability) may be allowed a relaxation of two years for Ph.D. in the maximum duration. In addition, the women candidates may be provided Maternity Leave/Child Care Leave once in the entire duration of Ph.D. for up to 240 days.

Attendance Requirement

  • Full time students need to visit the university regularly for six hours in a day and five days in a week to interact with their Guide/Supervisor and to do their research work. Duty leaves can be provided by the School of Research Degree Programmes on request of student for doing research related activities (attending conferences/workshops/seminars or experimental work to be carried out in some other institute).
  • Part Time students need to visit once in a month to interact with their Guide/Supervisor.

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