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Fee and Scholarship applicable for Ph.D.

Programmes Applicable Fee
Ph.D. 44,500/- Per Semester


Lovely Professional University strongly believes in the fact that monetary constraints should not be an obstacle for a student to have access to quality education. So the University offers India’s largest Private Scholarship Scheme. The objective of the scheme is to realize the vast talents that may be hidden due to financial constraints. Under this scheme, more than 30000 students have been awarded with scholarships worth 300+ crores in last 5 years.

On the basis of Performance in LPUNEST (Ph.D.)

‘Top 35% applicants’ appearing for LPUNEST (Ph.D.) (subject to qualifying LPUNEST (Ph.D.)), will be eligible for Scholarship upto 60,000 per annum. Scholarship details are as per the following table :
Performance in LPUNEST (Ph.D.) Scholarship Amount Applicable fee after scholarship for Ph.D.
90% Marks in LPUNEST (Ph.D.) 60,000 Per Annum 14,500 Per Semester
Top 10% applicants 40,000 Per Annum 24,500 Per Semester
Next 10% applicants (i.e. 11% - 20%) 30,000 Per Annum 29,500 Per Semester
Next 15% applicants (i.e. 21% - 35%) 20,000 Per Annum 34,500 Per Semester
Note: Applicant seeking test (LPUNEST (Ph.D.)) exemption on basis of, UGC (NET /JRF) / CSIR (NET / JRF) / SLET / GATE / GPAT / ICAR Teacher Fellowship or passed M.Phil. Programme will have to appear for test LPUNEST (Ph.D.) in order to avail the scholarship as mentioned above.
The result of scholarship for Ph.D. applicants will be declared along with the Ph.D. Interview results.

Other fees

  • Applicant may have to pay the additional charges as decided by the University on account of-
    • Expenditure in excess of amount, approved by DDB or provided by sponsoring agency for carrying out Instrumentation, Lab/ Experimentation/ Workshop/ Seminars/ Training/ Survey/ Internship/ Projects etc.
    • Term Evaluation and Thesis Evaluation and such related activity (ies) in relation to the research as decided by the University.
  • Examination fees separate as per actuals.
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