Financial Assistance @lpu

Teaching Fellowship

Eligibility :

Other than scholarship, LPU also offers Teaching Fellowship to full time Ph.D. scholars. Preference will be given to NET/GATE/GPAT qualified candidates and students having previous teaching and research experience.

Details of Fellowship:

The teaching fellowship awardee will be paid an honorarium of Rs. 12,000/ per month (consolidated). The scholar is required to take teaching load of minimum six credits with the possibility of: 6 Lectures or (3 Lectures + 6 Practicals) or (3 Lectures + 6 Tutorials) or (6 Practicals + 6 Tutorials) or (12 Practicals / 12 Tutorials).

Fellowship Selection Process:

After completion of course work, scholar will submit application in prescribed format to Center for Research Degree Programmes with copy of his/her resume. The panel will interview the Ph.D. scholars and prepare the list of selected candidates based on merit.

Duration of Fellowship:

Upto 3 years (From the date of selection for Teaching Fellowship) (subject to successful completion of half-yearly review process).

Research Targets during the tenure of fellowship:

  • The scholar, availing teaching fellowship, will be required to complete his/her Ph.D. course work and must clear SOTA within the first year of fellowship.
  • They have to publish minimum one paper in Scopus/WoS indexed Journal and have to present at least one paper in conferences /seminar (Scopus/ WoS indexed) in every six months of fellowship tenure.

Grants for Publication and Conference

The university is committed to innovative research and encourages its research scholars by awarding grants to them in their research endeavours. Our research scholars are not only encouraged to publish their research work, attend national and international conferences, workshops, seminars and symposia for their academic growth and excellence, but also provided with financial support. The university shares the article processing charges/ publication fee for publishing papers in journals of repute indexed in WoS/Scopus. In addition to this, LPU also supports the scholar community by providing them grants for attending national and international conferences, where conference proceedings/ research paper are indexed in WoS/Scopus.

Special Benefits for LPU Employees

Additional benefits for LPU Faculty and Staff for Ph.D. Programmes (taking admission in 2019 Session):

  • Extended PPW (Pay Proportionate Work) Policy where faculty needs to stay only for specified duration in the campus. The policy is detailed below:
    • Faculty can avail the PPW benefit (as per this policy) for six months at the most twice during his/her Ph.D. (one at the time of Synopsis submission and secondly at the time of Pre-submission) without losing seniority.
    • The leave can be availed with any of the following arrangements:
    • Weekly Load Salary
      Option - 1 6 Hours 25% subject to maximum of Rs. 20000/-
      Option - 2 12 Hours 50% subject to maximum of Rs. 40000/-
    • The weekly load as mentioned in above table, shall be allocated with the following conditions:
      • Load for Option-1 shall be distributed at least in two days.
      • Load for Option-2 shall be distributed at least in three days.
    • Fee waiver will be applicable as per University Policy.
  • Duty Leave for Course Work:
    • Two hours weekly relaxation to attend course work classes on Saturday from 3.00-5.00 PM without taking any leave.
    • Four Days duty leave for attending course work as per Option II and III, mentioned under the Head ‘Course Work’
  • 50% Ph.D. fee waiver (Candidate may avail Fee Waiver or Scholarship)
  • If the candidate desires, Fee can be deducted from salary on monthly basis also.

* For details contact Division of Admissions.

LPU Contingency for Ph.D. Support

Ph.D. scholars will be given financial support for purchasing of consumables, glasswares, equipments, softwares and contingency for analysis up to a certain fixed amount required to carry out their research work. The amount sanctioned per student is given below :

Amount sanctioned per Ph.D. student

Maximum allowed purchase of material per Ph.D. student in an academic year (in Rs.)


Contingency for analysis of samples from other research laboratories purpose subject to re-imbursement (in Rs.)


Duration of availing Contingency

This amount is for any 3 academic years during the study period.

Amount per student may be adjusted after due recommendation from the HOS from the total cumulative requirement.