Fee and Scholarship


Fee applicable to applicants admitted on the basis of LPUNEST (UG Hotel Management) will be as per details given below:
Programmes Applicable Fee (Per Semester)
B.Sc. (Hotel Management)
B.Sc. (Airlines, Tourism & Hospitality)
BBA (Tourism and Hospitality)
BBA (Airlines and Airport management)
B.A. (Culinary Arts)
BBA (Event Management)
₹ 80,000/-


Lovely Professional University strongly believes in the fact that monetary constraints should not be an obstacle for a student to have access to quality education. So the University offers India’s largest Private Scholarship Scheme. The objective of the scheme is to realize the vast talents that may be hidden due to financial constraints. Under this scheme, students have been awarded with scholarship worth ₹ 100+ crores in last year only.

On The basis of performance in LPUNEST (UG Hotel Management):
The categories of scholarship are based upon performance in LPUNEST (Hotel Management) The cut-off for each category will be announced along with the result of respective schedule. The scholarship details are as per the following table:

Percentage Slab Scholarship amount (per semester) (in ₹ )
LPUNEST (UG Hotel Management) score more than or equal to Category I cut-off
₹ 40000/-
(i.e. 50% of Programme Fee)
LPUNEST (UG Hotel Management) score more than or equal to Category II cut-off
₹ 36000/-
(i.e. 45% of Programme Fee)
LPUNEST (UG Hotel Management) score more than or equal to Category III cut-off
₹ 32000/-
(i.e. 40% of Programme Fee)
  • Performance in Sports, Cultural, R&D, Co-curricular, Social Service and Bravery Awards
  • Special Scholarship for Toppers of Education Board
  • Scholarship based on Innovation, Startup and Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Aid – Need-Based
  • Financial Aid for Serving/ Retired Defence/ CAPF/ Para- Military Personnel and their Dependents
  • Financial Aid to Orphans
  • Financial Aid to Persons with Certain Disability
  • For more details related to Scholarship, Click here.

    Important Information:

    In case an applicant fails to produce the proof of fulfillment of the prescribed eligibility criteria or any other document prescribed by the university or fails to provide original documents for verification by the stipulated date(s), he/she shall not be considered eligible for admission/ scholarship, in any case, if granted due to any reason shall be cancelled and the applicant shall have no claim, whatsoever against the university.

    Fee Details and Allied Issues:

    • Fee for successive semesters will be payable before the end of teaching of preceding semester.
    • Examination fee (per semester) is Rs. 4000 and examination fee of 1st semester is payable along with fee of 2nd semester or before.
    • For Fee other than programme fee, please refer the head ‘Fee for Additional Services/ Facilities’ of ‘General Guidelines for Admissions’ in Part C of the Prospectus-2023.
    • ‘Terms and Conditions for LPU-Scholarship and its different phases’ as mentioned in Part B of Prospectus-2023 must be referred.
    • The term ‘Programme fee’ as mentioned above, includes - Tuition and Development fees; University Fee for Registration/ Enrolment, Cultural, Sports, Club activities, Co-curricular activities etc.; Fee for Additional Services/ Facilities for Contingency, Outreach, Placement, Medical, Counselor etc. as prescribed by the University.
    • If the Fee of the programme is reduced due to any reason,scholarship amount for all the brackets/ categories will be reduced proportionately i.e. fee after scholarship etc. will not be reduced and will remain same.
    • For aggregate marks in qualifying exam, refer clause ‘‘Eligibility’’ under General Guidelines for Admissions etc. in Part C of Prospectus-2023.