B.Tech. Programmes/ Options Offered at LPU

  • B.Tech. (4 years Programme)
  • Dual Degree B.Tech. – M.Tech. (6 Years) 2
  • Integrated B.Tech. – M.Tech. (5 Years Programme)3 (Saves 1 year)
  • B.Tech. (Hons.)1 (4 years)
  • Dual Degree B.Tech. – MBA (6 Years) 2
  • Integrated B.Tech. – MBA (5 Years Programme)3 (Saves 1 year)

1 Hons. : Hons. Programmes of LPU are premium programmes in which students have to meet the additional curriculum requirements. Innovative and creative courses are offered to increase the knowledge and hone the technical skills of the students. Students of Honours programmes are given preference in Students Exchange / Foreign Scholarships / Visits to the Foreign Partner Universities whenever offered.

2 Dual Degree: A dual degree offers many distinct academic, professional, cost and time benefits, making it possible for students to diversify or specialise depending upon their desire. Two degrees, each with separate CGPAs, will be awarded separately. Each degree will be recognised as separate and equivalent to the corresponding degree.

3 Integrated Programmes: Earn your Master’s Degree after 12th - under LPU Integrated Degree Programmes in five years saving one year of academic engagement without any dilution in course work or standard. You save fee of one year but continue to avail scholarship / fee concession throughout the programme.

Streams/ Majors offered in Engineering

LPU is offering not only conventional Engineering streams/ majors but also one of its kind trend setting streams/ majors transforming engineering education to leap into the next leg of technology upbeat.

Examine the streams/majors given below to determine which engineering concentrations appeal to you:

  • Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE)*
  • Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)*#^
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)*
  • ME - Mechatronics
  • Automobile Engineering (AE)
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil Engineering (CE)
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
  • Biotechnology (BT)#
  • Food Technology
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering (CHE)
  • CHE - Petroleum


  • * Honours, Dual Degree B.Tech. - M.Tech. and Dual Degree B.Tech. - MBA programmes offered in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), and Mechanical Engineering (ME) only.
  • # Integrated B.Tech.- M.Tech. programmes offered in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), and Biotechnology (BT) only.
  • ^ Integrated B.Tech.- MBA programme offered in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) only.


Engineering systems and products have become fabulously complex creating the want of specialized professionals. LPU has gauged the future in close association with the industry and has crafted specializations within the streams. An Engineering graduate upon learning the basics progresses into deeper learnings of one of the specialization of a discipline to be ready to handle futuristic devices and processes. Some of such Engineering Minors are:

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

  • ECE with specialization in VLSI Design
  • ECE with specialization in Internet of Things
  • ECE with specialization in Embedded System
  • ECE with specialization in Energy Systems

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

  • CSE with specialization in Machine Learning
  • CSE with specialization in Data Science
  • CSE with specialization in Big Data
  • CSE with specialization in Cyber Security
  • CSE with specialization in Full Stack Web Developer
  • CSE with specialization in Android Application Development
  • CSE with specialization in Cloud Computing

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

  • ME with specialization in Robotics and Mechatronics
  • ME with specialization in Computer Aided Engineering

Civil Engineering (CE)

  • CE with specialization in Industrial Waste Management
  • CE with specialization in Energy, Environment & Society
  • CE with specialization in Water and Air Testing Laboratory
  • CE with specialization in Sustainable Project Management

Electrical Engineering (EE)

  • EE with specialization in Instrumentation Technologies
  • EE with specialization in Power Electronics and Drives
  • EE with specialization in Robotics and Automations

Biotechnology (BT)

  • BT with specialization in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • BT with specialization in Food Biotechnology
  • BT with specialization in Biochemical and Bioprocess Technology

Biomedical Engineering (BE)

  • BE with specialization in Advanced Biomedical Engineering
  • BE with specialization in Biomedical Engineering in Hospitals

* Also known as Engineering Minors


We firmly believe that our students are citizen of the world and will contribute to the society and entire mankind. Open minors play pivotal role in this readiness as an Engineering graduate can take up courses in Management, Fashion Design, Journalism, Agriculture etc. so as to acquire multi-dimensional proficiency and to be able to pave bright new vision to be incorporated in crafting the sustainable societal solutions. Students are given an option to choose from a plethora of open minors such as :

  • 2D Animation
  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Airlines Hospitality
  • Applied Geography
  • English
  • Foundation and Applications of Psychology
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Hindi
  • Contemporary Electoral Systems
  • History
  • Business Economics
  • Geography
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • International Politics
  • Introducing Sociology and Indian Society
  • Digital Marketing
  • Management Fundamentals
  • Chemistry of Soap and Detergents
  • Operations Management
  • Water Chemistry
  • Physics of Materials
  • Political Science
  • Practical Psychology
  • Optics in Daily Life
  • Punjabi
  • Public Administration
  • Marketing Management
  • Tourism Business Basics

A student based on his zest, picks up the minor and fulfils the excitement of learning beyond books which is purely on student to have it or not.

Note: Minors as mentioned may be offered subject to minimum number of students and feasibility.


Each individual is unique and approaches life in a different manner, so we allow them to choose their own placement pathways based on their interest given as follows :


Multiple options or pathways designed according to the competency of the students to prepare them for specific sector/job profiles as per needs of industry.


To prepare students for civil services, public sector undertakings and jobs in Government sector


To prepare students for various national and international entrance tests for admission into higher degree.


Students are exposed to various research projects and dissertations for industry and higher studies.


Handholding through Startup School and Entrepreneurship:

  • To Set up new ventures
  • Improve and modernize existing business
  • Engage in Social Entrepreneurship/ NGO


Student can explore various options like Credit Transfer/ International Exposure/ Semester Exchange in USA/ Canada/ Australia/ European country for study purposes.

Minors for Engineering Programmes

To tap the zeal and excitement of learning beyond the classrooms and to live with one’s interest and aptitude, certain minors are designed and offered to the students so that they can pursue their dreams along with their conventional course work. Following are the examples of such Minors:

  • Data Analytics
  • Big Data in Genomincs
  • Internet of Things (in tie up with INTEL)
  • Computational Biology
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Contemporary Electoral Systems
  • Information Securities
  • Mobile Phone App Development
  • Mathematics for Programmers
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Set Design
  • Space Science
  • Sustainable Energy
  • The Science behind Vaastu
  • Water Chemistry
  • International Business
  • Forensic and Criminal Investigation
  • Physics of Materials
  • Polymers
  • Nutrition and Life Style
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • International Laws
  • Gaming
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Financial Markets
  • Graphics for Brand Development
  • Fashion Management
  • Environment and Society
  • Digital Art
  • E-Learning
  • Journalism
  • Basic of Theatre

A student based on his zest, picks up the minor and fulfils the excitement of learning beyond books which is purely on student to have it or not.

Advantages Of Minor In Engineering:

The minors mentioned above are having lots of advantages and a few are listed below:

  1. To apply the inter-disciplinary knowledge gained through a Major (Stream) + Minor.
  2. To enable students to pursue allied academic interest in contemporary areas.
  3. To provide an academic mechanism for fulfilling multidisciplinary demands of industries.
  4. To provide effective yet flexible options for students to achieve basic to intermediate level competence in the Minor area.
  5. Provides an opportunity to students to become entrepreneurs and leaders by taking business/ management minor.
  6. Combination in the diverse fields of engineering e.g., CSE (Major) + Electronics (Minor) combination increases placement prospects in chip designing companies.
  7. Provides an opportunity to Applicants to pursue higher studies in an inter-disciplinary field of study.
  8. Provides opportunity to the Applicants to pursue interdisciplinary research.
  9. To increase the overall scope of the undergraduate degrees.

Note: Minors as mentioned above may be offered subject to minimum number of students and feasibility.